Why Join?

“It gave me the chance to share the same uniform as my father, who was Gaelic football player of the year when he was my age.  It is the most challenging and fun sport I have ever played.  The HGAA has taken me to cities I have never been and given me the opportunity to meet some incredible people.”

-Ryan Clancy, Senior Football

“Playing for the Hartford GAA has provided me with some of the closest bonds in my life, as well as pushed me to maximize my fitness levels and competitiveness.”

-Ian Fischer, Senior Football/Hurling

“When I first moved to Hartford, I didn’t know anybody.  The HGAA has given me a community.  Playing sport and sharing pints with my teammates has been one of the best things about settling here.”

-Adam Mackie, Senior Football/Hurling

“Joining is a unique opportunity to embrace your heritage while challenging yourself with a new sport.  It’s a great way to meet people who share a passion for sports and culture.”

-Rory McGloin, Senior Football